Friday, May 2, 2014

Educating the 14 year old

I have a lovely bright 14 year old daughter. I'm concerned that in general she's not getting a nice rounded education. She's missing out on some of the education I and the OH received and feel we need to bridge the gap.
Plus she would spend every hour of her free time skypeing and gaming, if I let her.

So we have plans.

1. Each week she will prepare one of the home cooked meals. 
Background - I fully expect her to leave home and go to Uni at some point and would hope that she won't have to live on beans and toast and pot noodles as that's the only thing she can cook. She needs to learn the basics. 
Tonight she's making lasagne. Now that teaches her how to make spaghetti Bolognaise, lasagne and white sauce. Great all rounder for any cook. Plus we all love it and it will be lactofree so her Dad can enjoy it too.

2. Must read  from her book list one evening a week and not use her electronics.
Background - She likes to read, but gets hooked into her friends and gaming and neglects the reading. Plus she's not getting any of this is school yet. Her English seems very dumbed down.
This is her reading list:

Jane eyre
To kill a mocking bird
The Hobbit
Off mice and men
The scarlet letter
Disc world
Wuthering heights
Pride and prejudice
The secret garden
Catch 22
Foundation assimov
Slaughter house 5
Great expectations
Huckleberry Finn
One day in the life of Ivan denisovich
The Crucible

She's reading The Colour of Magic at the moment.

3. Catch up and some pop culture that she's too young for.
Background - we find that some references just pass her by. E.g Family guy did a my fair lady episode and the DD just didn't get the reference.

So me and the OH are working on list of significant films that we can all watch. Including the movies from the any of the books above that she reads. Two birds one stone, improved education and family time.

What do you think of our plans?

Here's the lasagne she made.. Yum yum.


Roobeedoo said...

I think those are brilliant plans!
My Girl and her pals are doing a "Come Dine With me" thing this year - they take it in turns to go to each other's houses and the host or hostess cooks a main and a dessert. She is a bit older than your girl, but it's a good focus away from the computer.
Good reading list too! :)
You're doing a good thing!

Cazz said...

Thank you Roo. I think she will learn to appreciate it. Love your daughters plans. Sound like fun.