Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sewing plans

Jersey/stretch fabric.....

Ok that's a little vague, but so that 's the plan so far. 

I had a look at tops that I wear and they are just about all stretch fabric. So I had a read and decided on what I needed to get.

I just have an ordinary sewing machine not an overlocker/serger so I have bought a walking, foot, and some twin ballpoint needles.

I have a top pattern and a skirt pattern, but I need to draft them out.

Then went shopping for fabric.

Seems like in the UK funky stretch fabric is not easy to come by unless you want to pay premium prices. I won't be paying premium prices. I live on clothes from Charity shops so the most I pay for a top is £5. Why would I spend £30 on some fabric for a hand made top.

Anyway I did a little trawling of ebay and bought these.

I think went onto the sewing forum and looked up mentions of online shops and found this one.

Here I bought these two remnants 

and was tempted into this small remnant. I thinking shopping bag 

and this fabulous fleece. Can't decide between two sets of pj bottoms or a snuggle top for the winter and pj bottoms. I bought 4m just so I had options.

Can't wait for it all to arrive :o)

Should be enough to make 6 tops, 1 skirt and 2 pjs or 7 tops, 1 skirt and 1 pj bottoms. I'm also hoping that I can use some of the left overs to make summer shorts for the DD, even if they end up a little patch worked.

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