Monday, June 2, 2014

School shirt

My DD complained that her shirts were getting a bit tight and I should buy her some new ones. I found it frustrating the last time buying them as she doesn't like girly and just wants plain white blouses for school.

I had a brain wave and thought.....I could sew one!

I found a pattern in my stash. Essential magazine's E20.

Didn't like the collar though so checked out a couple of tutorials online and made my own collar. 

Next issue was material. Nothing suitable in stash, so I bought a pair of £1.99 pillow cases from Home Bargains.

I'm totally blown away by the results....I made this!!

She's very happy with the results, I didn't bother with the top button as she would never use it.
Need to go and buy more pillow cases. :o)

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