Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sock Zebra Tutorial

Take a pair of striped socks. 

Turn both inside out.

The first sock will form the legs and the body.

1. Sew up from toe to about 1.5 cm from base of heel with a very narrow U. Then cut up centre of U, leaving the base of the U complete and uncut. This will form the front legs
2. Sew a U at leg end, leaving the ends open. Then cut up centre of U, as for front legs. This will form back legs.

3. Turn right side out through one of the back legs.
4. Stuff and the sew front legs closed.

Second Sick

1. Cut into 3 bits. 

2. Sew a slightly curved line along the back of head, leaving an opening for stuffing. Trimm of any excess.

3. Sew up each ear to a point. See picture.

4. Stuff head and sew shut.

5. Cut and separate ears, Then turn ears to right side and sew onto head.

6. Add mane - there are various ways. I crocheted a chain and sewed this onto the head, then I used the chain holes to crochet a row of double crochet to form the mane.

7. Add features, eyes, nostrils and mouth (if wanted)- mine is for a baby so I just used wool, but they look lovely with felt or buttons.

8. Add a tail to the body- I used wool and made a pleat which was then sewn onto body.

9. Finally attach head to body.

This should be your Sock Zebra finished,

Pattern would easily work for a horse or Donkey.

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