Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mug Rug

On my quilting journey I decided to start small.
A mug rug seemed like a good idea and would include most aspects of an actual quilt.

Front of mug rug

All sandwhich up. Don't have wading yet so used an old kids t-shirt.

Had a play with some free motion (see previous blog) and decided that I wanted to use a template. So I drew my own design onto parchment and pinned it to the ironed quilt sandwich.

The parchment template was quite easy to follow while quilting, but was a bit of a pest to remove from the quilt. Had to get out the tweezers.

I then used this http://youtu.be/xWh90tXr7g4 video to help me with the binding. 
The finished mug rug!

Far from perfect, but I do like it and gained loads of info doing it. I think I'll make a few more.


Samsara said...

Hi Cazz :) Nice quilt!

Cazz said...

Thank you. It's my new thing....mug rugs and art quilts. Watch this space.

Samsara said...

I like the overstitching :) Very subtle