Monday, November 30, 2015

Gotten lost in Fan Fiction

Not quite as pathetic as it seems. A. There are some fantastic writers out there. Better than some books I've read. B. I started writing!!!!

Not altogether sure how it happened. Something sparked and the next thing I knew I'd a teeny tiny oneshot and started a multi- chapter fic.

My inspiration From Dusk till Dawn the series - honestly you need to check it out. Love it and totally adore Seth Gecko played by DJ Cotrona. Yeah I'd never heard of him either, but now he's all over my phone and iPad.

This is one of my graphics made on my iPads.

I've even started a tumblr account.....I know, but it's fun and I've connected with some great people who love my fandom a just as much as me. Also found me some Beta's to support my poor writing skills. Check out and 
My two betas with fab tumblr blogs.

Anyway if interested I write From Dusk Till Dawn fan fiction and The 100 (only started, but working on more). My OTPs are SethKate and Bellarke.
Links to my fan fic pages and tumbler.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Amigurumi Squirtle

On holiday and had some free time.
Decided to work up a little Squirtle. Must make Bulbasaur next.

He's pretty cute, about the height of my palm.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Celtic Shot Glasses

Recently out of the kiln.
Really pleased with how these turned out.

Love them so much I needed to make more.

Trying a slightly different technique with a red iron oxide infused slip.

For sale via my Facebook page.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mishima 2

Remember this post:

Well here are the results.

Love how they turned out. 

Tea Bag Catcher

I made these pinch pot tea bag catchers several months ago

Yesterday this one came out of a glaze firing.

I used Mayco Mirror Black as the glaze. He's gorgeous.
So much so that a friend saw him and immediately bought him.
Hope he gives her loads of pleasure and catches those teabags.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pottery Comission

One of my friends was planning to buy a yarn bowl for her Mum's birthday. She then asked if I would be able to make one for her, instead of buying it from someone, she'd buy one from me.
I was up for the challenge.
We discussed her Mum's style and things that she likes.
Rennie Mackintosh was banded about.
We discussed shape and one was decided on.
I drew out some designs

She liked A best, but had some ideas on having lines like Rennie Mackintosh chairs rather then boxes.

This is bisque stage

They came out of the kiln this morning and are away with their new owner. My friend is delighted and her Mum was too. so happy.

Friday, July 10, 2015

My Pottery Facebook Page.

Not been blogging much as I have started a Facebook page for my pottery.

Please check it out and Like it. Then you'll get to see all my pottery. It's about the only craft I have time to do these days. Good job I love it.

I have a glaze firing on at the moment. In it is my second commission and hopefully a present for my Mum and some Tumblers for my son.
He paid me a huge compliment recently (hope generally not so forthcoming), but he told me he likes his Diver tumbler.

Could he get some more.....Swoon!!
If you want to purchase any of my pottery, just comment on my Facebook page or send me a PM. I can give you a quote including postage for the piece.

Here are some works in progress.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fishy pots for early 2015

Got my fish theme still going strong.

These are all greenware stage.

My First Solo Glaze Fire.

Went really well, apart from expansion by the coils that need fixed.

Back home for a visit

I may have lived on the East Coast for the past 14 years, but this place will always be my home.


Glen Docherty. Once you hit here you know you're almost home

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My first Bisque fire all by myself

Kiln was loaded.

Kiln was bisque fired 9 hrs 30 minutes to get to 999C very slowly to start.

I celebrated with a tasty beer and a tuna an rye roll. The rolls are homemade.

Left for 19 hours and checked temp. Read xxxC
Open sesame