Sunday, February 22, 2015

Light Box

Finally got round to setting up a light box.
Spent £25 on lamps and £24 on 20w output 100watt light bulbs
Cut 3 big squares out of a cardboard box (both sides and the top. Then taped the holes over with white parchment paper. I then added a strip of wallpaper on the inside.

Faced a light towards each piece of parchment and hey presto one light box.

Here's some pic taken in my light box.

Taking pictures using the light box makes it almost effortless. I can get a good picture with one shot and even ones I'm happy with using the iPad.

I'm playing with vintage tattoo designs, hence the skull and the octopus in the pasta bowls above. Love them. Hope they turn out ok once glazed.


Samsara said...

Love the octobowl!! :D

Linda Starr said...

wonderful, if you don't have a light box you can take photos out of doors in bright daylight but in the shade, works great

Cazz said...

Thank you. It's in the kiln being glazed at the moment. Fingers crossed. The OH has already declared dibs.

Cazz said...

Thank s Linda. I saw your post on facebook. The problem I have is limited light. Often when I have time to photograph, after work, there is little light. The light box is a real boon.