Saturday, July 2, 2016


Had my first Art Class 28/6/16
We started with some practice exercises, one was continuous line. Really fun.

We then worked on a bug that we chose from boxes of bugs in resin.

Teacher told us we should draw every day. The only way to get better.

My Hares aren't great, but very early days.

I do find though, they get infinitely better if you add Watercolour.

Mummy dearest got me a £1.49 set of watercolours, as I had none at home.

Absolutely loving doing drawing and painting again.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mug Rugs again

I've been missing doing some sewing. When I had to empty the junk room to make it into a pottery room, my sewing space in the bedroom got run over with stuff. So no sewing for about a year and a half. :o(

Yesterday I dragged what I could lay my hands on and headed up to Mum's and made a couple of Mug Rugs.

I can't remember how I used to free motion quilt. I think I had a darning foot - Can't find it at the moment. So I just quilted in lines generally. 

Really like both of these, they took me the better part of an afternoon and an evening.

Anyway this morning a small glass desk popped up on Freegle and I jumped on it.
So I have spent the last 4 hours tidying, cleaning and recycling so that I can have this.

My sewing machine is still at Mum's along with all my quilting stuff, but it is definitely a start. Expect to see more Mug Rugs. I'm also planning on selling them.

Tomorrow I start an ART class. Looking forward to getting stuck in and hopefully improving my painting and drawing and maybe developing a style. 
It's every 2nd week at The Kelpie Studio in Cruden Bay.

Look forward to art on my blog - maybe not good Art though ;o)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wibbley Wobbly Wednesday

So I'm on annual leave this week. Had a quick trip down to Potfest at the weekend to buy some Mayco glazes and have been missing on how to test out combinations.

This is what I mean.

Then I remember I'd fubarbed a tumbler a while back and it had ended up Wibbley wobbly and that sparked a thought. Instead of making tumblers I'd make Yunomis - Japanese tea bowls. Yeah they are very much like tumbler.

So this afternoon I took to the wheel and hey presto I have Wibbley Woobly Yunomi.

They are still very wet, but just need a little foot carving and my stamp and they'll be good to dry.

Feeling quite accomplished as what is on those shelves is excellent what I had planned.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Glaze firing 22/5/16

These went in.....

These came out

These are awesome. I am so pleased with them. Definitely going to make more lighthouses.

Same here day of the dead mugs are so pretty. More on the horizon

My Red iron oxide. (RIO) slip turned out fab.

Little experimental jar is super cute

Has a little crack on inside though.

Showing my love for #The100 and #BellamyBlake. My new pasta bowl

Pretty damn pleased with this load.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Small Art Nouveau inspired flower bowls

It started with the poppy bowl. Then I realised that I had 4 bowls of similar shape and size. Now I have a series of small flower bowls.

They're all greenware at the moment, drying ready for bisque get.

I'm really liking them. What's your favourite?

Tonight I'm going to see the Youth theatre doing Phantom of the Opera - looking forward to it.... Apart from the fact the weather is being nasty. It was sleeting when I picked my DD up from her friends this morning. sleeting I tell you!!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Picatso - a play on Cats and Picasso

When I was a teenager I used to doodle like this:

The other day I remembered those doodles and thought that would look cool on pottery. I then saw a picture of a couple cats on a tile and thought 'Yes!!' - cat and doodles why not?

Large bowl in shades of blue and pink.

Hand made jar- if you can see the thin dark line cutting through the cat head, that's the lid.

Pinch pot Picatso cup in green, blue, gold and white.

They're all going to need some drying before a bisque fire and then clear glaze added before a final glaze fire.nloved doing it, but not doing more until I see how all the colours work out. Using some blue Stroke and coated which is very new to me.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pinch pots

Been on a pinch pot kick recently. Saw some glazed carved ones on Facebook, plus I recently pulled one out of the kiln so was feeling very inspired.

So far I'm working on some animal jewellery bowls, some Alice in Wonderland inspired cups and some small carved bowls.

Having great fun with these.