Monday, June 27, 2016

Mug Rugs again

I've been missing doing some sewing. When I had to empty the junk room to make it into a pottery room, my sewing space in the bedroom got run over with stuff. So no sewing for about a year and a half. :o(

Yesterday I dragged what I could lay my hands on and headed up to Mum's and made a couple of Mug Rugs.

I can't remember how I used to free motion quilt. I think I had a darning foot - Can't find it at the moment. So I just quilted in lines generally. 

Really like both of these, they took me the better part of an afternoon and an evening.

Anyway this morning a small glass desk popped up on Freegle and I jumped on it.
So I have spent the last 4 hours tidying, cleaning and recycling so that I can have this.

My sewing machine is still at Mum's along with all my quilting stuff, but it is definitely a start. Expect to see more Mug Rugs. I'm also planning on selling them.

Tomorrow I start an ART class. Looking forward to getting stuck in and hopefully improving my painting and drawing and maybe developing a style. 
It's every 2nd week at The Kelpie Studio in Cruden Bay.

Look forward to art on my blog - maybe not good Art though ;o)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wibbley Wobbly Wednesday

So I'm on annual leave this week. Had a quick trip down to Potfest at the weekend to buy some Mayco glazes and have been missing on how to test out combinations.

This is what I mean.

Then I remember I'd fubarbed a tumbler a while back and it had ended up Wibbley wobbly and that sparked a thought. Instead of making tumblers I'd make Yunomis - Japanese tea bowls. Yeah they are very much like tumbler.

So this afternoon I took to the wheel and hey presto I have Wibbley Woobly Yunomi.

They are still very wet, but just need a little foot carving and my stamp and they'll be good to dry.

Feeling quite accomplished as what is on those shelves is excellent what I had planned.